Compact Standard Lamp

This is a 'quickie' Sunday afternoon project that uses readily available parts from the local DIY and general stores. It's a compact standard lamp approximately 1100mm tall made from a 250mm round bread board (from The Range), a 41mm x 900mm hemlock stair spindle (from Wickes) and a 150mm x 300mm conical lampshade (from George Asda). Other parts required are a mains plug, some 2 core mains cable and trunking, a switched bulb holder and a 1/2" brass screw mount. Oh... and some screws and a bulb

I think the photos at the end of the page show the general idea but I'll give a brief description anyway. I would liked to have been able to drill a hole all the way through the spindle top to bottom but I just don't have the means to do that. So instead I went as far as I could down from the top with a 6mm x 150mm drill and then made another hole at the back for the cable to exit. The cable is kept tidy with a length of 16mm x 600mm half circle profile trunking from B&Q which actually has a matching wood grain effect!

The hole that the cable exits from is drilled at an upwards angle and then carefully filed and sanded so that it ends up oval in shape. This helps the cable exit the spindle neatly before entering the trunking. Before assembly, the spindle is given a wipe over with linseed oil to bring out the grain and add a bit of protection. The spindle is attached to the bread board with a 7mm x 50mm confirmat screw and the bulb holder is secured to the top of the spindle with three 3mm x 25mm wood screws

Although this description relates to parts available here in the UK, I would guess that similar items are obtainable in other parts of the world too. It's a very simple idea, and the compact height and small footprint make this lamp perfect for many locations, for example, placed at the end of a sofa or in a hallway. The shade of course should be chosen to reflect the mood


               Bulb holder with brass mount                                    Cable entering trunking (Top)                                  Cable exiting trunking (Bottom)


                     Full length view of rear                                     Underside of base showing screw                                        The finished lamp