Audio / DVD Fault Database

Please note that I am no longer in the electronics service business and as such, this page is no longer being updated


DCDF101 - Distorted sound with hum - C323 S/C (470uF 16V near output op-amp)

RCDM33 - Displays 'DEMO MODE' when CD function selected - Hold down the 'ON/STANDBY' and 'STOP' buttons together then connect the mains. Switch off and on again at the mains to reset


DAB500 - Audio hiss at low volume (not apparent on the flat EQ position) - No fault. This is normal for this model due to the poor noise figure of the audio processor IC

HEC142 - Various DVD faults - Replace C17/18/19 in PSU

HEC142 - Drawer not opening - Presuming the loading belt is OK, reduce the magnetic flux of the disc clamp. To do this, separate the circular washer from the magnet and replace it with card of the same thickness


UXHB4 - DAB Date display is a day out - Phone JVC with the serial number of your unit and they will send a modified microprocessor IC501 (version V1.8B)

UXHB4 - Hum from right loudspeaker - Poor design... the mains transformer is too close to the audio amp. Rotating it 90 degrees to re-align the magnetic field may help (remount with 2 bolts as it’s not exactly square, and dress the cabling away from the cassette deck)

UXS57 - No CD rotation - IC801 faulty (motor driver IC)

THSW8 - Dead - D957 S/C in PSU

UXA52 - Shuts down shortly after switching on (just the standby LED lit) - Dry joints on regulator IC802

THM303 - No sound - Replace R2702 and C2704 in the subwoofer

THM303 - Intermittent sound - Ribbon connector CN411 pin 2 poor connection in DVD unit

UXH330 - No radio reception - C157 leaky (decouples data on pin 4 of IC102... service manual shows it as C153 220pF)

RVNV1 -  Shuts down shortly after switching on - Audio output IC's IC301 or IC601 faulty (more likely to be the woofer driver IC301)

UXJ50 - Micro locks up when CD mode selected - D4201 S/C (11V zener near IC943 regulator)

HRS5967 (and similar VHS machines) - Dead - D301 S/C and D5210 leaky in PSU

QPD7 (amplifier) - Buzzing noise from some or all speakers - Reroute internal cabling to reduce pickup

DRM7 (amplifier) - Noisy/Crackling sound - MPEG PCB faulty

RXE100 (amplifier) - No sound at all - Crystal X671 faulty (or IC671) on DSP board

HRXV1 - Not playing some home burnt DVDs - I think this is normal for this model!

DRM10 - Always displays 'Loading' - Replace C5203/5207/5208 in PSU (2200uF 16V)

DRMH20 - Always displays 'loading' - Replace C5206/5306/5340 in PSU (1200uF 10V/100uF 10V/22uF 50V respectively) 5V on CN5303 pin 4 down to 4V with high ripple content

DRMV1 - Weird software type faults / locking up - Replace C5204 in PSU (680uF 16V)

UXDAB11 - No display - CP901 O/C

No colour on recent players - This is usually due to the scart socket outputting the wrong video format. Hold down the 'VFP' button on the RCU (under the flap) until the display changes, then press this same button repeatedly until it toggles to the required setting (usually RGB). Press 'ENTER' to confirm

HRXV1 - Reset - Select DVD then hold down 'REC' on main unit and '4' on RCU for more than 5 seconds (this is verified on screen). Switch to standby then unplug and reconnect mains. Select VHS then hold down 'CHANNEL UP' and 'PLAY' on main unit for more than 5 seconds. Unit will then do an auto set up which may take several minutes


FDV25 - Improved cooling mod (fan comes on at lower temperature) - Change R748 from 560R to 680R

LFBM340D - Reset - Press the 'Tact' switch located behind the volume knob

DF4150P - Displays 'WAIT' continuously - Corrupted home burnt DVD stuck inside!

LHT250SC - No (or intermittent) sound - Remove glue from around IC942/C943/R946,7,8 area in PSU (affects 36V to digital amplifiers)

LHT250SC - Weak video output (sound OK) - C225 faulty (470uF 16V)

DRT389H - Displays 'HELLO' continuously - DVD PCB faulty (uk pt.no. 44126502)


SAAK520 - No display - R959 O/C (4R7)

SAHT70 - CD/DVD reports 'ERROR' - D456 O/C (DVDREG board)

SAPM29 - No display - C601 O/C on display PCB (22uF 35V)

SBWA340 - Intermittent operation - Broken print around Q511

SAHT530/880 - DVD spins, makes a clicking noise, but does not read beyond the first zero. Also displays 'wait' for a few seconds when switched on or off - Laser ribbon cable faulty

SAHT990 - Displays 'Error' or 'F61' - IC5400 faulty

SAHT990 - Displays 'F61' - Rear or side cooling fan not rotating

SAHT1500 - Displays 'SELF CHECK' - Corrupted DVD stuck inside

SAHT1500 - Dead - C1260/C1262 leaky in PSU (680uF 16V)

DMRE30 - No tuning (goes through the motions but doesn't find anything) - Scart PCB faulty Manual tuning produces video that can be scoped from the IF output to the scart PCB

DMRES30 - Intermittent dead - C1207 leaky in PSU (680uF 16V)

DMRES30 - No DVD video from scart (VHS OK) - IC3901 faulty

DMREH50 - Displays 'U99' - Corrupted DVD stuck inside

DMRE55 - When switched on, display comes up for a second then dies - Replace components as listed for the DMRE85 below

DMRE85 - Displays 'Self Check' or shuts down - Replace IC001 (PANASTRG6353) D007 (PANAMA2J72800L) ZD002 (PANAMA4068N) ZD004 (PANAMA8051) in PSU

DMREX85 - No Tuning - C1533 leaky (680uF 16V) on the main PCB under the digital board
DMREZ45 - Dead - R1107 or R1108 O/C in PSU (470K)

SA-BT100 - Uncontrollable volume when using the RCU - Carry out software update v1.7 or higher

SA-BT100 - Shuts down completely when using the iPod dock - Carry out software update v1.7 or higher

SAPT170 - Dead (relay clicks on and then off again) - D5100 S/C on audio amplifier PCB, though D5200 and D5300 could also cause the same fault

SAPT460 - Distorted audio on right hand surround channel - C5424 dry joint on digital amplifier PCB (this was never soldered from manufacture, so it's worth checking other components if you have similar symptoms on other channels)

SAPT460 - No display (unit works OK otherwise) - FP2901 O/C (400mA fusible link on secondary power PCB)

SAPT460 - Dead (just shows red standby LED) - IC5200 S/C on digital amplifier PCB, though IC5000, IC5300 and IC5400 could also cause the same fault

SCHD560 - Cuts out at full volume - IC101 faulty

SCAK770 - Dead - Bridge rectifier D5701 S/C (blowing T5A fuse F1)

SCHC30DB - No DAB tuning - Carry out a system reset as follows:
1 - Switch on the unit
2 - Press and hold down the stop button on the main unit followed by '4' then '7' on the RCU
3 - Press the Sleep button on the RCU
4 - Unplug from the mains then plug back in again
Now when the unit is next switched on and DAB selected, it will auto tune as normal

RCU command code (not a fault as such but can create calls) - Hold 'Enter' and the required command code number for more than 2 seconds


DVDR880 - Showing 'AE38B76' in display - Fuse 1309 O/C

DVP620VR - Dead - Capstan motor S/C

FWM330 - Dead - Transistor 7204 C/E leaky on mains board (BC337 or BC338)

FWM372 - CD drawer erratic (motor pulsing) - Loading motor faulty

FWM390 - Dead - Fuse 1200 O/C

FWM390 - No display - Resistor 3211 O/C in PSU

FWM589 - Clicking on and off - Zener diode 6716 (8.2V) leaky in PSU

HTS3357/05 - Dead - Zener diode ZD255 (5.1V) S/C on front PCB (dragging down BK5V rail)

MCB275/05 - Dead - IC901 S/C (sound output IC TDA1517) and AC adapter burnt out. Also check C841/C851 for bulging and replace if necessary (3300uF 25V)

MCM350 - No sound - FET Q613 faulty

MCM7/MC500 - No sound - FET 7304 faulty

MCM7/MCM9/MC500 - Dead - Transistor 7203 C/E leaky on mains board (BC337 or BC338) Note: Similar models show the same transistor as 7902

MCM8 - Shuts down shortly after switching on (just the standby LED lit) - Diode 6200 S/C on the mains board (1N4148)

MCM8/9 - No sound / Intermittent sound / Sound on one channel - IC7508 faulty (TDA7468D)

MCM8 - CD not spinning at all, then not ejecting - Replace MP3 board

MCM9 - No display – Resistors 3211 and 3215 O/C in PSU

MCM11 - No display - Resistor 3201 O/C in PSU

MCM11 - Reads CD TOC but doesn't play - IC4 dry joint on WMA/MP3 PCB

MC90 - Reset - Hold down 'STOP' and 'PLAY' connect mains then press 'REWIND'

AZ2555 - Reset - Hold down 'STOP' and 'HOLD' buttons while pressing the 'POWER ON' button (display shows software version) then press 'PRESET UP' button and wait 2 seconds


XVDV333 - Dead with just the timer symbol displayed - Mains Transformer O/C

SX-R9 - Shuts down as the volume control is increased - C720 O/C in the fan control circuit (Peter K)


HTDB120 - Distorted sound on DVD amplitude peaks (CD and radio OK) - Digital amplifier PCB faulty

HTDL70D - No sound on CD/DVD - MPEG PCB faulty

DVDV5600 - Dead - IC1SS2 (ICE2B265) & ZD1SS2 (MTZJ20B) S/C in PSU

DVDV5600 - Dead - D1SS16 S/C in PSU

DVDV5600 - Chewing tapes - Replace lever idler and gear idlers (x2)

DVDVR320 - Dead - D1S35 S/C in PSU

DVDVR330 - Chewing tapes - Replace lever idler and gear idlers (x2)

DVDR128 - Auto tunes when switched on + no front panel operation - 'Stop' tact switch S/C (Note: Holding down the stop button while powering up puts the unit into auto setup)

DVDSR150M - Various problems including system freezing and no menu - Firmware upgrade

DVDSR150M - Dead - R1S14 O/C in PSU (270K start resistor)

DVDSH855M - Timer recordings not working using the guide - GMT time zone incorrectly set in the menu (not a fault as such but has created service calls)

HTTZ212R - Very low undistorted sound - SMR60 O/C in PSU (470R)

HTX810R - Very low sound which may appear for a second then fade down - R91 burnt up in PSU (1K SMD)


SDNX10H - Tech Tip - The fan must be running or the unit will go into ‘Protect’ mode

SDAT100H - Cuts out - Cooling fan connector dry joint

XLHP404 - Not reading discs - Replace C14 on the CD PCB (100uF 16V)

XLHP404 - Shuts off after 2 seconds - Audio O/P IC faulty (removing the IC causes the same effect!)

XLHP535E - Not reading discs, spindle motor rotates on its own, sometimes emits a high pitched whistle - Replace C18 on the CD/MP3 PCB (100uF 16V)

XLHP535E/CDMPS660E - Shuts down immediately after switch on - C909 S/C (100n) causing R958 to go O/C (100R). Measure for S/C on pin 16 of output IC

CDMPS660E - Completely dead - C806 S/C on PSU, destroying IC851 on main PCB (F803/804 blown)

CDSW200 - Tech Tip - The sound mutes with the rear panel removed!


CMTNE5 - Unit intermittently goes into standby or completely dead, usually after it has been running for a while - Replace bridge rectifier diodes D907/908/909/910 and clean off all the glue in that area (4 x 1SS133)

MHCRG110 - CD mech doing strange things! - Replace or clean carousel rotation detect switch

MHCS7AV - Displays 'PUSH POWER' 'PROTECT' - IC310 Faulty

CMTCPX11 - Shuts down after a period of time with just the red LED flashing - Digital amplifier fault (sorry I can’t be more specific!)

CMTHPX7/CMTHPX10W - Not ejecting - Ensure that the 4 shortest screws are used to secure the side cabinet panels at the bottom. Longer screws will intermittently jam the mechanism, particularly when a disc is loaded in position 5. Also check (looking from above when ejected) that the CD holders are clipped together correctly

CMTRG444 - Spindle motor always rotating at high speed - IC251 faulty on BD board (BA5947)

CMTCP555 - Dead - Pin 24 of display driver IC S/C to ground, also causing damage to DC/DC converter. Replace IC1020, T901, Q1024 and C1054

CMTCP555 - Dead - IC251 S/C on BD board (BA5947)

HTBE1 Subwoofer - Intermittent pulsing / hum (green LED flickering) - C914 faulty in PSU primary (47uF 50V)

CMTSE1 - Will not accept CD - In/Out detect switch S701 faulty

DAVS800 - Hiss from all loudspeakers - C928 faulty in PSU (1000uF 16V)

DAVDZ300 - Displays 'PROTECT' 'UNPLUG' - Digital amp IC102 faulty (IC's 101 to 106 can all cause this error message. To check which amp is faulty, measure resistance from speaker outputs to ground. They should read just under 5K)

SLVD950 - Dead / Intermittent - Replace C1SS16/17/18 (low 5.8V rail)

DAVSB100 - Plays CDs but not DVDs (just displays 'READING') - Laser ribbon faulty

HCDGPX9 - Dead - Microprocessor IC306 faulty (supply pins S/C pulling down start volts from sub power block)

CMTNEZ7DAB - No DAB reception - D701 dry joint (no 5V to pin 1 of CN700)

DAVSC8 - Not accepting discs (wants to eject) - Loading  motor drive IC faulty

DAVSC8 - DVD intermittently freezes/control buttons stop working - Add 820R resistor to ZIVA chip (see Sony bulletin)

RDRHX510 - Dead - P601 O/C in PSU (0.8A SMT fuse)

RDRHX525 - Dead - D601 S/C in PSU

RDRHX560 - Displays 'HDD Error' - Format HDD (hold down 'Play' and 'Eject', plug in the mains then follow the on screen menu)

RDRHX560 - Displays 'HDD Error' - Can be the SATA cable

HCDBX7DAB - CD drawer does not stay shut - R491 low in value (should be 10K) on main PCB (pin 91 of IC301 not going low when drawer closes)

HCDGS30DAB - CD drawer does not open - R603 low in value (should be 10K) on display PCB (3V on pin 1 of IC601 missing)

CMTSPZ90DAB - Radio function just says 'TUNING' - DAB module faulty

CMTEH15 - Shuts down on all functions other than 'TUNER' - Replace complete CD mechanism and the microprocessor IC701


CX200iDAB - Dead - F100mA fuse link blown on sub transformer PCB (CPC*FF01655)

CX200iDAB - Low level audio from iPod dock - Replace iPod connector PCB (this has a surface mount interface chip on it)

CX200iDAB - Not reading CDs / Door opening intermittently - Check connecting wires to door detect switch, particularly where they are covered in glue (give them a pull!)

CX200iDAB - CD door not opening (constantly being driven shut although display says 'OPEN') - Ribbon cable from CD PCB to display PCB faulty


SAEH790 - Intermittent sound on all channels - C709 faulty (0.1uF)


SD42 - No operation (spindle motor rotating) - Replace C938/939 in PSU (3.3V supply)

DVR18DT - Will not initiate digital tuning in the set up menu - DTV module faulty

DVR19DT - Dead (relay clicks on and off continuously) - D014 S/C on AL+12V rail in PSU (SB340)

DVR25 - No video (sound OK) - Switch unit on with no disc inside, then press and hold the fast forward button on the front panel until the unit resets

RDXV45 - Dead - R1161 O/C in PSU (820K)

RDXS25/RDXV47 - HDD initialization (HDD Error displayed) - On the RCU press VARIABLE SKIP followed by 3, 6 and 9 (within 3 seconds) to display the service menu, then press ENTER

RDXV48 - HDD initialization - On the RCU press VARIABLE SKIP followed by 0, 7 and 9 (within 3 seconds) to display the service menu, then press ENTER


RXV420RDS - Totally dead - Microprocessor IC902 faulty