Cable Weight

I got the idea for this simple project during a stay in Shanghai. In my hotel room was a desk and on that desk was a LAN cable which had a kind of heavy weight over the top of it to stop it from sliding away out of reach. "That's just what I need at home" I thought, but instead of doing what some people do when it comes to hotel 'nik naks', I instead decided to make something similar. My main PC has a permanently connected USB extension cable that sits on the desk where I can plug stuff in like memory sticks or phone etc. without having to fumble around on the floor. The problem is, the cable will disappear out of sight if not held in position, and so that's where this useful but very easy to make device comes in handy

For the weight I used a glass tealight holder (of the larger variety) costing 50p which I thought could also serve as a desk tidy for small items or even of course a tealight. To stop it from sliding around, four self adhesive rubber feet are attached to the underside at each corner
. The type used are domed transparent (16mm round x 7.9mm tall) which not only give just the right amount of clearance underneath for a standard USB cable, but also blend in with the glass. A cable weight can be made from any suitable weighty object... the possibilities are endless!