Flat TV Service Information

Please note that I am no longer in the electronics service business and as such, this page is no longer being updated


LD1546WD - No digital channels or menu - Carry out Kenmark Reset (see 'Kenmark' below)


LD1542 - No sound - R001 (15R SMD) O/C on sub PCB (no supply to audio IC pin 4)


19LD3750DU (Vestel chassis) - Stuck in 'burn in' mode - Switch to analogue TV, navigate to the settings menu (the icon with the spanner!) then press 4,7,2,5 on the remote control. This enters the service menu where burn in mode can be turned off


Info relating to older sets

To access factory service modes 1 or 2, press DISPLAY, Red, Green, Yellow, DISPLAY on the remote control unit
(Factory service modes 1 and 2 can be toggled between each other by pressing the menu button)

To access firmware & screen information, press DISPLAY, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue on the remote control unit

Various models - No DVB - Enter 'firmware info' mode (as above) then switch off and on at the set

LVD163D - Stuck displaying service text and alternating coloured rasters - Hold down the standby button then switch on at the mains to reset

Firmware update codes

These codes are for use with the appropriate Kenmark hardware interface

Goodmans LD1540WD - D644
Goodmans LD1945WD - D1BB, DB42, 5723, CF2F
Kenmark LVD163D - 455C, 06A7
Proline LVD1580WD - D05F, E57A, 465B
Proline LVD1985WD - 84E7, 01A5

Info relating to newer sets

19LVD01D - Loses channels after switching off and on again - Carry out Kenmark Reset

LVD164D - Purple picture in DVD mode or rolling DVD picture or not reading DVDs - Carry out Kenmark Reset

22LVD02D - In DVD mode, counts down from 10 minutes to zero then TV switches off - Requires firmware update

Kenmark Reset

* Select TV mode
* Press LCD Menu on remote
* Press 1147 (Factory menu)
* Go down to '001' (Init TV)
* Press right arrow on remote
* Wait for the installation menu to appear


32LP1D - Green colouring on bright areas - Replace main (digital) PCB
26LX2R-ZE.ALUKLF - Brightness varying - Replace main (digital) PCB
RZ-26LZ50.AKPLWUA - Lines across screen - Replace main (digital)


TX26LXD500 - Limited colours on digital TV (analogue OK) - Replace DG PCB


32FD9944/01S - Shuts down after switch on - Replace C2530, C2532, C2533, C2541, C2663, C2664 (100uF 25V) and C2662 (1000uF 25V) in PSU

19PFL5522D/05 - Dead with power LED blinking - Replace the 1000uF electrolytics in the PSU secondary (check for bulging)


LE32R41BDX/XEU - No, intermittent or pulsing backlight - ZDT803 faulty in PSU (low 24V to inverter)

LE20S51BX/XEU - Backlight shuts down after several hours - Replace VR301 on inverter PCB (due to hot glue damage / conduction)

LE23R87BDX/XEU - Beeping sound from the function button PCB - Zener diode on the infra red receiver PCB leaky (pulse noise can be scoped across it and on the KEY1 line)

LE40F71BX/XEU - No sound from speakers, headphones OK - Pin 3 of CN200 O/C to headphone PCB (IDENT_HP)

LE40R73BDX/XEU - Intermittent not starting / Relay clicking / Power LED flashing - Replace swollen capacitors CM806, CM811, CM812, CM817 in PSU


KDL26U2000 - Dead (5V from sub transformer OK to CN3006 of BDT board) - BDT board faulty


3201TS - Requires several presses of the power button to turn it on, then shuts down when the picture appears - Replace C14,C15 (470uF 25V) and C10,C19 (1000uF 10V) in the PSU. Capacitors EC1,2 and 5 (10uF 50V) in the primary can also be replaced as a precaution
(Info supplied by Peter K.)


17WLT56B - Dead - See note at bottom of page

17WLT56B - Coloured digital noise on screen (menu OK) - Replace main PCB

20WLT56B - Coloured digital noise on screen (menu OK) - Replace main PCB

27WLT56B - Dead - Power supply faulty (also check for dry joints)

42WLT66 - No digital TV reception - Replace IDTV PCB


Service mode - Select analogue TV then on the RCU press MENU,4,7,2,5

NOTE: LCD sets that use the 12V 6.25A 4 PIN power supply (VSTL30029332 or JVC*VE30029332) - Not switching on or shutting down after a while - Remove R72, clean the glue from its legs, then refit it