Mobile Phone Stand

If you watch videos on your smartphone you'll know that it's sometimes difficult to position it so that it doesn't fall over. This little stand may just be the answer. It's stable (in landscape mode), keeps your phone at just the right viewing angle and can be made out of any expired/spent credit or gift card


To make things easy I have provided a template (shown below) which can be downloaded by right clicking on the image and saving it to your computer. If printed 'actual size' it will indeed be the actual size of a credit card. Alternatively, click here for a .docx version that can be printed straight onto A4 paper


After cutting the template out, fold the credit/gift card down the middle to an angle of 90 degrees. Place the template onto the back of the card and secure it with sticky tape so it can't move and then, using a good pair of scissors, cut out the two shaded sections so all you're left with is the area shown in white


Don't rush as the two halves need to be accurately mirrored and take extra care not to overshoot with the scissors. Remove the remains of the template and sticky tape to reveal the finished stand. Place your phone onto it and check that everything is level. If not, it can be corrected with a little trimming

An added bonus is that the phone stand can be folded completely flat and carried in a wallet... it is after all exactly the same size as a credit card!