Running PhotoFiltre on Xubuntu using Wine

PhotoFiltre running on an ASUS Eee PC 1005HA

As much as I like Ubuntu and its derivatives, I haven't yet come across an image editor for Linux that I enjoy using. Yes there's the GIMP, and people say it's really good when you get used to it, but that's the problem for me, I just can't get used to it. On Windows my favourite editing software is a freebie called PhotoFiltre (all the graphics on this website have been created with it), and I thought it would be great if it worked on Xubuntu. And it does. First of all download PhotoFiltre and save it somewhere in your Home folder

Photofiltre can be downloaded here: http://photofiltre.free.fr/download_en.htm

We now need to install a program called Wine. This is an application that allows Windows software to run on Linux. To install Wine, open the terminal and enter: sudo apt-get install wine1.6. After installation, Wine will appear in Xubuntu's Applications Menu

So click on the Applications Menu and select Wine > Uninstall Wine Software. The Add/Remove Programs window will open as shown below. Click the Install button and another smaller Add/Remove Programs window will open. Browse to the location where you saved PhotoFiltre (note: in the Files of type drop down box, make sure that either Installation programs or Programs (*exe) are selected so that .exe files are shown). Click on the pf-setup.exe file and then Open to start the installation setup wizard. Click Next and follow the prompts as if you were installing on a Windows PC. At the end, click Finish and you're done

Useful information:

When the Wine software is run for the first time, a folder called .wine is created in your home folder. Inside this folder is a virtual C: Drive (drive_c) that contains the familiar Program Files, users and windows folders. This can also be accessed via the Applications Menu

(Note: The .Wine folder is hidden. To see hidden folders, press Ctrl+H)

To uninstall software from Wine go to Applications Menu > Wine > Uninstall Wine Software. Select the sofware you want to uninstall, click Remove and then follow the prompts in the usual way

Some 'Quirks':

After uninstalling software from Wine, their shortcuts may remain in the menu. To remove them (I'll use PhotoFiltre as an example) open your home (username) folder and delete the folder called 'PhotoFiltre' located at .local/share/applications/wine/Programs/PhotoFiltre

If you're really fussy about house keeping and know what you're looking for, there may also be some leftover icon files to delete here: .local/share/desktop-directories and .local/share/icons