The Sarsens of Tunbury Wood

Close to where I live in the woods adjacent to my house there are a group of little known sarsen stones. They are interesting in the fact that one of them has on it what appears to be cup and ring marks. These Neolithic markings have been found on many other stones around the world and their meaning is not fully understood, although they and their host stones could be associated with burial. More information can be found here. It's impossible to say whether these cup and ring marks are man made or not, but the stones (of which there are many scattered around the nearby woods) were carried from far away and deposited by glaciers as they cut their way through the chalk to form the valleys many thousands of years ago. So the markings could have been etched by natural wear, though I prefer to believe that the stones are the remains of a burial chamber inscribed by an ancient spiritual people who inhabited the area way back in time... wishful thinking maybe?

The triangular stone that bears the cup and ring marks

Close up of the main cup and ring

The stones are located at:

TQ 759622

X: 575900
Y: 162200

LAT: 51.331688
LONG: 0.52354599