Shoelace Projects... Just a bit of fun but actually quite useful!

Compact Camera Wrist Strap

I tend to carry my camera in a pocket rather than on a strap around my neck (because doing that makes me look like a tourist!) and so for me, a wrist strap is the way to go. When I bought my camera it didn't come with a wrist strap, so I decided to make one. I thought of using a shoelace because they are very strong and cheaply available locally. Not much more to say really other than I used a 600mm long round type. The photo below shows the idea

The two ends are tied together using a Fisherman's knot with the opposite end attached to the camera by a Cow hitch knot. An ordinary Overhand knot is also tied somewhere along the strap to make the part that you put your wrist through as small as possible. This provides extra security to stop the strap sliding off your wrist if you accidentally drop the camera. Now I take no responsibility for any damage caused to property by weak/poor quality laces or anyones knot tying ability, but I do have absolute confidence in the strap to safely hold my camera securely to my wrist under normal conditions

Cordless Phone 'Hands Free' Neck Strap

Many cordless DECT phones have a speaker phone feature that's supposed to give some kind of hands free operation. In practice, I have found them to be woefully inadequate, with people saying that they cannot hear me properly and can I speak closer into the phone. Which defeats the object somewhat. So I came up with the simple idea of wearing the phone around my neck so it's not only closer to my mouth, but also still truly hands free. The results are good and nobody complains about speech quality

The whole thing is basically an iPod sock with a 1000mm long flat type shoelace threaded through each side from the inside out and then tied in a bow, which can be adjusted to suit the wearer. I had several of these socks spare as they came in a pack of 6 when I only wanted one, but waste not want not as they say! To use it, simply insert the phone into the sock upside down and facing forward so that the microphone is in the clear and not obscured. Most phones of this type are similar in size, so should fit OK. I use mine most days with a basic Panasonic phone and find it invaluable