Novelty VHS Bluetooth Speaker

This is a ridiculously easy to build Bluetooth speaker made using one of those Chinese Bluetooth receivers with on board amplifier available on eBay. There's not much actual work involved other than getting the parts together and assembling it. A nice 'job done in an hour' Sunday afternoon project!

All you need is the aforementioned Bluetooth module, two 40mm speakers (also from eBay) and of course an old VHS cassette. The BT module comes with an on board 3S JST-XH socket for the speakers and a micro USB socket for 5V power input. I already had a suitable USB cable which is the same as that used for charging most smart phones, but if you can also find as I did on eBay, a pre-wired 3S JST-X plug then things are simplified even further

The speakers are glued in with contact adhesive and the PCB is held down with double sided foam tape. You would think there is plenty of room inside a VHS cassette shell and there is, but there are plastic mouldings that limit where the board can be placed. In the end I could only find one spot where it could go without hindering the connectors. The USB power cable exits through a filed out slot in the front half of the shell. And that's all there is to it!

A bonus is that the onboard 'Bluetooth paired' LED can be seen through the spool windows as can the rear of the drive units themselves. Remember this is just a fun project so don't expect too much from it. For listening to the odd podcast or a bit of background music it is perfectly adequate

The Bluetooth Module

The BT module used is labelled as Sanwu. It has nice simple tones to indicate connection status and doesn't suffer from digital noise. There are others available that look very similar but have the two ICs at 90 degrees to each other or slightly staggered, not exactly in line like the Sanwu shown above. I tried one of these and was put off by an awful electronic voice that said "bwoo tooz iz connacteed" and it suffered from dreadful digital noise as well