How to Save Equalizer (EQ) Settings in VLC Media Player

(Version 2.1.5 'Rincewind')

VLC is a great music player but it doesn't automatically remember its graphic equalizer settings. The following describes how to store your EQ settings so they are remembered each time VLC starts

Start VLC, open the graphic equalizer, tick Enable and set the controls to how you want them

Figure 1

Under each of the 10 frequency sliders there is a dB (decibel) figure. Take a note of the levels leaving a space between each one. The example above would be: 2 0 -2 0 0 0 0 0 2 5

Close the graphic equalizer and then on the main VLC interface click on Tools > Preferences. The Preferences window will open as shown below

At the bottom left, select All. The Preferences window will change style as shown below

On the left hand side, select Filters (don't expand it yet) then tick Equalizer with 10 bands

Now expand Filters then select Equalizer. In the Bands gain box on the right, enter the dB values from the EQ sliders noted earlier

Finally, click Save. Now when VLC next starts, it will have remembered your favourite EQ settings