Create a Playlist with VLC Media Player

(Version 2.1.5 'Rincewind')

My music folder is full of folders within folders from which I usually just select an album or track that I want to listen to. But sometimes I may want to play a certain combination of tracks from different albums. For example, I may be in a quiet reflective mood and want something laid back, or another time I might want something more upbeat. That's where a playlist comes in and the following describes how to make one (or as many as you want) using VLC Media Player which I will presume is installed. If not it can be downloaded here

Start VLC then click the View button.
In the drop down menu select Playlist as shown below

This opens the playlist window

Simply drag and drop tracks (or folders containing tracks) into the playlist window from anywhere on your PC and they will be added to the list. The order of play can be changed by dragging tracks up or down the list with the mouse

To save the playlist click on the Media button, then in the drop down menu select Save Playlist to File

An explorer window will open where the playlist file (it's just a text file) can be named and saved in the usual way. It will automatically be given a .xspf file extension or you can change this to .m3u in the drop down box, either one will work. Now when this file is double clicked, VLC should open and play the contents of the playlist. If it doesn't, or if another media player opens instead, then it means that the file is not yet associated with VLC. To correct this, right click the playlist file, select Properties and where it says Opens with, click Change. Browse (if it's not already listed) to the VLC program folder and select the vlc.exe (Application) file. From now on the playlist will open with VLC. Party on!