LibreOffice Writer 'Quick Guides'


Whenever I use LibreOffice Writer I usually only require the basic functions but even these I sometimes forget how to access if I don't use them regularly. So I wrote these simple 'Quick Guides' as a memory aid which I've posted here to help others like me. They've been checked for accuracy but please forgive any errors that may have crept in. I thought it would be useful to be able to download the actual files in .odt format and view them directly in  Writer so that the instructions can be tried out as you read. I assume that the user already has LibreOffice installed but if not, it is free to download and there is a link at the bottom of the page. I know that this office suite does a lot more than described here, and there may be better ways to achieve the same objectives, but I'm just sharing what works for me. If you have Microsoft Word installed, the files will open but the formatting may vary

Although the easiest way to select various Writer functions is by clicking on the toolbar icons, most of the tutorials presented here access them using the menu bar instead. This is to avoid any confusion if different themes or layouts are used. With a bit of experimentation the associated icons are easily found anyway. There is also a right click context menu as well. So many choices!

These guides were created with LibreOffice version (Windows 64 Bit)
All the guides are on a single A4 page so can be printed and made into a handy booklet
. A front cover can be downloaded here
There's also an 'Extras' supplement that can be downloaded here

LibreOffice can be downloaded here