Hi I'm Stuart and welcome to my website. I've been an electronics service engineer pretty much all my life, repairing Television, Audio and Computer equipment for the domestic market. When first launched, this was intended to be a place for logging and sharing the various faults I'd found with their symptoms and cures, but since I no longer work in this field, stufinnis.co.uk is now devoted to my lifelong electronics hobby, with lots of projects to build and a few other things thrown into the mix as well

As a young boy I loved reading electronics magazines which I'm sure must have inspired me to create this site. When I read information I like to 'cut to the chase' and not have to wade through loads of 'waffle' to find what I need and I guess most people are the same. So with this in mind the articles presented here are minimalist in style while hopefully still conveying the neccessary information. My wish is that the content will steadily grow and get better with time

All projects are my own design (unless otherwise stated) with circuit diagrams and board layouts being hand drawn using PhotoFiltre. For reference, my favourite UK electronic component suppliers are:

Switch Electronics (also on eBay)
Rapid Online (also on eBay)

"A pencil and notepad are always to hand for when an idea strikes. It's fun to just scribble, create and learn"


Touch Controlled Digital Clock

24 Hour Binary Clock

Bat Detector

TL431 Linear Power Supply

Negative Ioniser

Relay Switched Router UPS

Supercapacitor Balancing Circuit

Solar Powered Joule Thief

Wearable Joule Thief

Microphone Interface for Baofeng Type Radios

Electret Microphone Preamplifier (Transistor)

Electret Microphone Preamplifier (Opamp)

Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier (Opamp)

Open Baffle Bluetooth Speaker

Novelty VHS Bluetooth Speaker

OPA2134 Stereo Audio Booster

LME49710 Stereo Preamplifier

LM1875 Stereo Power Amplifier

TDA7052 Amplified Speaker

TDA2822M Stereo Amplifier

The Simplest Stereo Amplifier in the World

Class B Amplifier

The 'Basketcase' Amplifier

Passive Stereo to Mono Resistive Mixer

Low Profile 12 Volt LED Bulb

12 Volt Touch Switch

5 Volt Switching Regulator

Solar Powered 12 Volt Backup System

Solar Charge Regulator

Automatic Night Light Circuit

PP3 Battery Charger

USB Powered AA Battery Charger

Constant Current AA Battery Charger

1Khz Phase Shift Sine Wave Oscillator

Latching MOSFET Switch

Simple Logic Probe

Making 12V CFLs

Compact Standard Lamp (eco)

Compact Standard Lamp

Wooden Floor Lamp

Energy Saving Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Kitchen Table Workbench

LED Digital Clock

About Me (a potted history)

Flowerpot Antenna for 2 Metres (UK)

J Pole Loft Antenna for 2 Metres (UK)

Notes on Installing Linux Mint 21.1 (Mate Edition)

Running PhotoFiltre on Linux Using Wine

How to Save Equalizer (EQ) Settings in VLC Media Player

Create a Playlist with VLC Media Player

Extract Audio from Video with VLC Media Player

HDR from a Single Photo

How to Make Film Negatives Positive

LibreOffice Writer 'Quick Guides'

My Quest for a Silent PC

Mobile Phone Stand

Simple Camera Phone Stand

Sholeace Projects

Cable Weight

Audio / DVD Fault Database

Flat TV Service Information

The Sarcen Stones of Tunbury Wood Walderslade

The Hum

NOTE: I spend a lot of time ensuring that the colours displayed on this website are rendered correctly. In some instances though, web browsers do their own thing with colour, making images look washed out and dull. If you find this to be the case, in Chrome (my browser of choice) it can be resolved by going to browser Settings and under System, turn off 'Use hardware acceleration when available'


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